Less is More: How Focused Portfolio Management Boosts Your Business Success

The Starting Point

Having too many projects running in parallel inevitably leads to inefficiencies and performance losses. Multitasking, constant interruptions, and overloaded resources are the consequences. But how do companies find the right balance? The answer lies in the “Focus on Less” principle.

The Fallacy of Parallelism

Companies often fall into the trap of trying to start as many projects in parallel as possible. The idea behind this is: The more initiatives you run, the more you can achieve. But in reality, the exact opposite is true.

Inefficiencies Through Overload

Due to permanent multitasking and constant switching between endeavors, individual projects suffer massive delays.

Quality and productivity decrease; throughput is low.

Employees are overloaded and frustrated.

Focusing is Key

Focused portfolio management means concentrating on the most important and valuable endeavors.

  • Reduce the number of parallel projects.
  • Prioritize strictly based on strategic criteria and available capacity.
  • Consciously avoid “planned overloads” to have buffers for the unexpected.

There are no Shortcomings, only Advantages

The advantages of a focused portfolio are multifaceted:

  • Projects get completed more efficiently and significantly faster.
  • Quality and value contributions of the results increase.
  • Resources can work without interruptions and are significantly more productive.
  • Employee satisfaction increases measurably.

Impressive Results

The “Less is More” principle shows impressive results. Studies demonstrate significant throughput increases in companies consistently applying it.

You will get more results per timeframe.

Even if it sounds paradoxical: Sometimes you should pause a project in order to be able to complete it on time.

Accelerate your strategy execution with focused project portfolio management!

Learn more about this and other highly effective principles in the Execution Excellence Manifesto.

Less is More: How Focused Portfolio Management Boosts Your Business Success
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