Author : Klaus Nitsche

Visualization for Shared Understanding: How to Align Your Team at a Glance

Executives and project team members often have very different perspectives on the current state of the project landscape. Individuals that are constrained to their own perspective can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. That leads to inefficiencies, misunderstandings, and conflicting goals. But there is a simple solution: Ensure transparency, following the “Visualize the Portfolio […]

Metrics for Better Control: How to Keep Your Project Portfolio on Track

Without the right metrics, companies can easily lose track of their project landscape’s progress. The “Manage by Metrics” principle from the Execution Excellence Manifesto helps maintain full control at all times. The Challenge of Complexity The more projects running in parallel, the higher the complexity within the project portfolio. Risks such as resource overloads, schedule […]

“Run the Business” vs. “Change the Business”

The Balance Between Operation and Change Alongside the fundamental principles for closing the strategy implementation gap, we must examine the balance between day-to-day operations (“Run the Business”) and the necessary change initiatives (“Change the Business”). How this balance is achieved and maintained is crucial for the successful implementation of corporate strategy. Companies must conduct their […]

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