Author : Thomas Koytek

Trust is a tough-as-nails business factor.

Trust is often dismissed as ‘woke’ mentality: ‘After all, we’re not living in a fantasy world. We are a success-oriented company. And that means rigorous controlling and a focus on results.‘ Trust is good, but control is better? Sounds good. Unfortunately, it is questioned too rarely. But maybe you’ve also wondered: I still see no […]

Daily Business versus Innovation. Who has the overview?

You need your employees to run the business. And you also need your same people to change the business. Many companies tend to separate ‘Run-the-Business’ and ‘Change-the-Business’. This also means you have to separate upfront how much capacity goes into ‘Change-the-Business’ and how much goes into ‘Run-the-Business’. This is often done once a year in […]

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